iNICU Medical Private Limited is a start-up company established in 2016 by Harpreet Singh and Ravneet Kaur, an eminent engineer couple with over 15 years of software experience. iNICU aspires to provide complete child healthcare, right from infancy to adolescence, in a digitized, customized and personalized way. The mission is to save children’s lives in a data way.

To achieve this, the company is engaged in development and application of cutting edge informational and computational technologies (using IoT, Cloud and Big data) that enable continuous and personalized child health monitoring.

With the enormous captured data opening several doors of research, the company thrives to build analytical parameters to predict certain diseases at early stages in order to implement preventive strategies.


Minimal Medication Errors

The total dose of medication based on weight of the neonate is auto-calculated and timely reminders for administration of subsequent doses based on time of last dose are sent to nurses

Auto-Generated Progress Notes & Discharge Summary

Progress notes of neonates during the entire stay are automatically generated based on daily assessments – No need to write manually. Likewise, discharge summary is auto-generated regardless of length of stay of the baby.

Multiple device data on a single interface

Clinical parameters of the baby coming from multiple devices like monitor, ventilator and blood-gas machine can be viewed on a single screen.

Predictive analysis

Cognitive intelligence will assist clinicians in pattern finding and real-time analytics for early identification of diseases.

Alarms and notifications

Reminders and notifications for medications, feeds and timely neonatal screening are sent to doctors as well as nurses.

Accessible growth and prescription data

Developmental profile and digital prescription of the baby can be viewed on mobile application by parents.

Regular notifications for vaccination

Vaccination schedules can be viewed by doctors and parents, and upcoming vaccination reminders are sent to parents via SMS.

Longitudinal child health data of high risk babies

The discharge summary is carried forward from iNICU into iCHR , thereby maintaining the longitudinal data of the baby from birth to 12 years of age.

iNICU as a solution has the vision and capability of defining physical phenotype of the infant which can be evaluated longitudinally over a period of time

Medical Director


As a new mom, I've loved this app called iCHR. I'd recommend it to other parents who aren't able to take out a lot of time for their kids health. This app is soooo amazing. I just loved it. Nice idea and quick access to my angel health record.

Prachi Juneja


iNICU : We need a published study (randomized following international standards) in a serious medical publication and then consider iNICU for improving clinical practices.

Clinical Director